Sellling February 1, 2024

Selling your home: Let’s attract the most buyers.

Selling your home?

First impressions matter.

Make your property stand out with Curb Appeal:
– Trim overhanging tree limbs and branches.
– Apply a fresh coat of exterior paint.
– Add plants or flowerpots.
– Power wash outdoor surfaces, including patio and deck areas. Clean just feels good.
– Repair or replace damaged screens and doors.

If you can notice it so will buyers:
– Check and fix any loose or damaged roof shingles, bricks, wood, or trim.
– Ensure the proper functioning of septic systems for a well-maintained property.
– Maintain to take things off your to-do list and create a positive first impression.

We spend most of our time inside our house:
– Thorough cleaning, decluttering, and organizing of each room. If you are selling, pack, toss, or donate.  
– Remove unnecessary items or furniture to show the space.
– Freshen up with paint and clean surfaces like hardwood floors, sinks, tiles, and showers. Clean is always inviting. 
– Removing outdated rugs or furniture for a modern look is appealing to buyers. Anything that detracts from the appeal of your home, take it out if you can.  

If you had a cleaning service, how long would it take you to get ready for them to come and clean?  That is called Clutter. (we all have it)
– Organize closets with shelves and storage bins.
– Store everyday items like papers and toys in cabinets and closets.
– Remove personal items and personal photos. Buyers need to see themselves living there and it is a distraction when they see photos and envision you living.
– Declutter paperwork, but keep a file of documents that pertain to the house for potential buyers’ reference.

It didn’t happen overnight and it won’t be completed overnight either.  But once it is done it feels so good, and you will thank yourself for it.